How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?
Julia Child

In the comfort of your own home, Chef Daniel will come to you!

Let’s bake some bread together in the comfort of your home! Are you looking to learn more about sourdough or how simple making bread can be? Spend some time with us as we get our hands mixing and kneading to understand what goes into the making of bread.

Classes are hands-on, lasting approximately four hours. For only $70 per person, with a maximum of four participants per class, you truly get a one-on-one experience with Chef O’Brien. Each class includes a recipe book for notes to take home.

What will the class be like?

  • What is a starter?
  • How to make and take care of a starter
  • Learn the steps of making bread
  • Understand the techniques used in bread making
  • Organize the steps to help make bread easier
  • Make a sourdough bread
  • Make a quick bread
  • Learn about lamination breads 
  • Hands-on class with a Recipe Book for notes

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