Bread Club

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What is Bread Club?

Every week, Chef Daniel will be making a different bread for you to take home and enjoy. Bread will be available for pickup or can be delivered to you for an additional fee.

What is so special about the bread?

The leavening agent for this bread will be one of three starters that Chef O’Brien has been working with, one of which is over 10 years old! The flour used will be comprised of a mixture of freshly made flour, milled on-site, and locally-sourced flour.

About starters and bread

When bread is made from a starter, it can take up to 24 hours to go from flour to bread. The more time the bread has, the more flavor it takes on. These starters are made up of natural airborne yeast and bacteria. The different strands of bacteria work to predigest or break down the flour. With the breaking down of flour, lactic and acidic acids create the unique depth of flavor for the bread.

What do I get?

Two custom loaves of Chef Daniel’s handmade bread. Each loaf will be available for pickup on your choice of the first and third Monday of the month, or the second and fourth Monday of the month. Delivery within a 20-mile radius is also available for an additional taxable fee. 

Additionally, each week you will receive recipes for homemade items such as jam, freshly milled flours, Sourdough starters, biscuit mixes and more.

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