I like the Japanese knives, I like French knives. Whatever’s sharp.
Wolfgang Puck

In the comfort of your own home, Chef Daniel will come to you!

It’s time to unpack your knives and hone them against the steel. In this course, you will learn how to efficiently dice and slice properly for your next meal.

Classes are hands-on, lasting approximately two hours. Class registration is $60 per person, at a maximum of four participants per class. Each class includes a recipe book for notes to take home. 

What will the class be like?

  • Understanding types of knives and uses 
  • Knife honing and sharpening 
  • Basic knife skills and technique
  • Understanding and practicing fundamental cuts:
    • Brunoise 
    • Small Dice 
    • Medium Dice 
    • Large Dice 
    • Paysanne 
    • Tourné 
    • Fine Julienne 
    • Julienne 
    • Batonnet 
  • How to use a French and Japanese Mandoline 
  • Culinary “tricks of the trade”

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