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Tasting Menu

An intimate dining experience, led by Head Chef Daniel O’Brien. Seasonal Pantry Supper Club serves an evolving menu built on Daniel’s formative experiences, a love of homegrown produce, with American and European techniques all underpinned by his classic French training.

Seasonal Pantry Supper Club will be offering our guests a multi-course menu, composed from locally grown and procuring ingredients. As the ingredients change with each season, our menu will be evolving with each season’s flavors.

Daniel’s cuisine has been earning awards since 2011 with dishes naturally influenced by his passion and kitchen experience, from working throughout the United States and Europe.

Featured Guest Chef

Seasonal Pass holders get first pass to dine with each of our featured Guest Chefs

Wine & More

Short, Sharp and Dynamic
At Seasonal Pantry, we keep our wine list short, sharp and dynamic with an ever-evolving selection of wines and ciders to help complement our dishes.
If you just want to sit back and relax and let us do all the work with matching the perfect pairings, you can. We also offer a number of different drink menus including wine, sake and ‘Little or None’ low ABV offerings, that can be enjoyed alongside your meal.


Bring Your Own Bottle

In a world where dining out is often about choices made from a menu, there’s a delightful experience in bringing your own favorite bottle to your unique dining experience. It makes you feel like you’re bringing a piece of yourself to the table of unique and surprising dishes. Enjoy your own personal touch to add a layer of intimacy and connection with your dining experience.

Private Events

Plan Your Own Unique Event for Your Special Occasion

If you’re looking for an event space where intimacy and privacy are needed, Seasonal Pantry is the ideal, multi-purpose space to relax and enjoy. With our unrivalled atmosphere, we offer a unique space for any special occasion or private event, be it a launch, wedding after party, birthday party or a private gathering with family and friends.

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