Honey Jar by the Pound

Sold in ether 1 lb or 2 lb jars. Enter the number of jars you’d like to order, according to the number of pounds per jar.

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Sold by the pound in a jar. Enter the total number of jars, according to pounds, you’d like to order.

Our bees start bringing in nectar in the spring from dandelions, clover and other flowers in bloom. We let the bees work the local wild flowers, with only minimal inspections into our hives. We take our first harvest in July. Depending on which apiary the bees are in we either let them use the rest of the summer to prepare for their winter nest, or if the conditions are right we are able to harvest a small fall crop from our bees. We use an organic treatment in the fall after the honey harvest to ensure the bees are strong and healthy as they go into the winter. All of our honey is raw, unfiltered and unheated. To learn more about our beekeeper, Obee’s Honey, click here.

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Weight 32 oz

1 lb, 2 lb